Alone in the Dark
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Alone in the Dark
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Alone in the Dark Description

Want to relive the good old days of when Alone in the Dark was a fresh, innovative and new game concept? Then turn on your iOS mobile device, download this horror app, and play through the grizzly story that has haunted thousands of players worldwide…


With an abundance of high-quality and almost lifelike graphics everywhere you look, being able to play a retro game on your phone has a certain charme. This is the case with Alone in the Dark, originally a PC release by Atari in 1992. Decades have now gone by since the horror game was first unleashed to the masses. So why bring it back now? So that fans of the franchise can relive the golden days of video gaming. Who knows? Even newer generations might find an interest in solving difficult puzzles, reading through story quests and trying to survive another day in a pixelated world.

In Alone in the Dark, you take control of either Edward Cornby or Emily Hartwood. The former a private detective, the latter a relative of the deceased person whose murder you are trying to solve. It is your goal to find all clues hidden away in the adventure mobile game and come to a conclusion before reaching the end of the story. Can you find the character responsible for the death of Jeremy Hartwood? Will you be able to solve all puzzles without looking up the walkthrough online? This version of the popular horror game works just like back in the day, the only difference are the controls. Take advantage of your iPhone’s or iPad’s touchscreen and make your way through Alone in the Dark.

Since its release, Alone in the Dark has been a pivotal part of horror game history. Suspicious and shady characters lurk around every corner, mysterious sounds echo in the dark and supernatural beings are trying to make your virtual life a living hell. Squeaky floors and creaking doors are the least of your worries when there are brain-eating zombies and gnarly beasts coming to get you. Grab as many items as you can to not only solve the murder mystery case, but also to make it out of the haunted mansion alive. No one can help you. You are on your own…

Alone in the Dark Screenshots

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