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Allstar Heroes
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Allstar Heroes Description

Take to the arena and participate in daily events in a MOBA that's not only free-to-play, but also available on smartphones and tablets. Doesn't matter whether you download the app or play in the browser of your choice, as long as you fight for glory...


It’s a hard-knock life for MOBAs these days. Genre giants like League of Legends or Smite dominate the scene, making it nearly impossible for new games to claim the throne. If there’s something missing with these games, however, it’s mobile gameplay. Thankfully, other and newer titles are breaking the mold. One of these games is Allstar Heroes, a free-to-play MOBA in the truest sense. Here, players will battle it out against each other in an arena and fight for the ultimate bragging rights as they complete challenging levels and defeat tough boss monsters...

Set in a fantasy world and borrowing from other popular franchises, Allstar Heroes has all the characters you would expect to see in a MOBA. Both valiant warriors and erudite wizards are ready to rumble in this free-to-play title and it’s up to you which hero or villain makes an appearance. Pick the one whose abilities speak to your playstyle the most and give it your all while fighting fellow gamers or the AI. Timing and teamwork are equally as important in this fast-paced action game. One wrong move (or click or tap for that matter) could make you lose the match, so make sure to unleash devastating attacks and massive ultimate skillshots at the right time.

While Allstar Heroes offers several different game modes, two stand out in particular: the single-player campaign and multiplayer battles made possible with Bluetooth technology. Feel like honing your combat skills a little bit before taking on like-minded players? No worries, simply start up a classic RPG adventure by taking on vicious boss monsters in multiple stages. Then, after picking up fancy loot and gainging a few levels, you can queue up for actual player-versus-player arena gameplay. Just give it your best shot once you feel prepared enough to battle other mobile gamers online and see how it goes!

Allstar Heroes is a browser game that’s also available on iOS and Android mobile devices.

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