Allods Online: New patch Volume 2 – The Rise of Gorluxor is around the corner

09/23/2010 07:45 am in News

The second volume to the popular client game Allods Online, Rise of Gorluxor, now has a launch date. In addition to a brand new volume, there will be many additional features, bug fixes and upgrades for players to explore.
Allods Online

Allods Online

Online gaming publisher Gala Networks (Aika Online) announced yesterday that the Volume 2: The Rise of Gorluxor will officially go live on Tuesday 5th October 2010.

After ashamedly retreating after a great war against the Orcs and Arisen, Gorluxor went into hiding, with little trace of his whereabouts. Help solve one of the greatest mysteries of all time, and face Gorluxor as he emerges with sheer force from hiding. Dare to climb Gorluxor’s Tower and come face to face with his menace.

Along with this mystical new volume to explore, players can enjoy a number of improved features in Allods Online. These include the evolution of Allods, with fresh mini-boss and boss fights to partake in, as well as improvements to the Astral ships. The Arena of Death has been completely overhauled with the ability to win Battle Glory for your entire guild. The Arena of Death will now give you a chance to win Epic, Legendary and Rare items.

Allods Online takes you on an epic journey to the world of Sarnaut, where you take part in one of 1500 magnificent and dangerous quests, either alone as a part of a guild. Stealthily loot from other players, craft your very own spaceship, and take on detestable monsters in this exciting client game.

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