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Allods Online
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Allods Online Description

Go on a journey through the fantastic world of Sarnaut. Choose whether you want to fight for the League or for the Empire. Epic battles and many exciting adventures are awaiting you…


In the download role-play game Allods Online, different factions have been fighting each other for years determine the course of history. 28 classes- which consist of 6 different races- fight for survival every day. As a player, you slip into the role of a character that you can individualize as you wish before you jump right into the adventure.

Life in Allods Online is anything but easy. You will have to discover the secrets of the outer space and solve mysterious riddles. The riddles deal with the Great Cataclysm that took place many years ago: the planet Sarnaut was destroyed and broke into many different shards (the Allods) which are now floating through space.

There are more than 1500 quests to solve in Allods Online. Therefore, the game will keep you busy and entertained for quite a while. You have the opportunity to fight monsters and evil creatures on the ground. Of course, it is necessary to prepare well for these battles.

In Allods Online you can also build your own spaceship. You can fly around, steal things from other players and emerge victorious from many adventures. Make sure to keep an eye on your defense, too, because others might attack you as well.

Try to succeed against other spaceships and avoid encounters with pirates. They always try to steal other people’s loot. Fight against mighty warriors from outer space and prove your skills in many quests.

by Kyle Hayth

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