Alliance of Valiant Arms
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Alliance of Valiant Arms
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Alliance of Valiant Arms Description

Europe is torn by war after the revival of the Warsaw Pact. Now, the EU forces, backed by troops from the US, are ready to strike back and retake Europe...


Alliance of Valiant Arms is a free-to-play, first-person shooter that takes you to an alternate reality where all of Europe as you know it is different. The Russians have revived the Warsaw Pact and brought many former Soviet countries back to their side all while the rest of Europe prepares for all-out war.

You can choose for which side you wish to fight for in Alliance of Valiant Arms. Whether you are sympathetic to the Soviet-backed NRF cause or want to take back Europe for the EU, the choice is yours. Once you have chosen a side, you must fight alongside your teammates in order to take the battlefield and advance the frontlines of your faction. The key to winning the deathmatch is communication and teamwork. Work together in a valiant attempt to conquer the continent!

In Alliance of Valiant Arms, there are three different playable classes for you to choose from. The Rifle Man is the core member of a team and is generally well-suited for nearly any combat situation. The Point Man is a highly specialized and mobile class designed for close range fighting. To back up the Rifle Man and Point Man is the sniper. Strike from long distances without being seen in order to defend an objective or provide covering fire in this MMOFPS.

Each class has specific skills that allow you to create your own custom strategy and fill a niche in your team. Alliance of Valiant Arms features several skills that provide bonuses to you in combat or to your teammates, creating a more powerful unit. You must complete certain requirements to unlock new skills.

Take back Europe for the EU or conquer it to bring a new form of government as the NRF in Alliance of Valiant Arms. You must work as a team in this first-person shooter and seek out your enemies. Win battles to progress and unlock skills as you create a super-soldier of your very own.

by Kyle Hayth

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