All Guns Blazing
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All Guns Blazing
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All Guns Blazing Description

Fancy yourself as a bit of a gangster? Build a reputation as a dangerous criminal and fighting dangerous gangs and notorious mafia bosses. Develop a criminal empire and an underground network of violence, crime, and dodgy dealings!


All Guns Blazing will have you on the edge of your seat as you embark on a lawbreaking adventure through the streets of America, playing out the story of a streetwise gangsta. Work your way up the ranks of the cartel, or recruit your own gang and become the most notorious group of criminals among you and your friends. Build an underground empire and defend your enterprise from other players online, all of whom will stop at nothing to climb to the top of America's criminal elite.

Engage in action-packed shootouts in PvP and PvE gameplay, where the victor is handsomely rewarded with cash, gold, and valuable items. All it takes is a little criminal know-how and some brute force. Take over America and raid banks for loot, using what you have taken from the government to develop your gang and your territory. Raid businesses and even armored cars to get the cash you need to expand. Build your own base and develop a criminal empire, with properties, cars, guns, and weapons, all with the hope of being the most notorious gangster in the hood!

When your lawbreaking career becomes more profitable, you can expand your criminal empire across an interactive 3D map and control gangs in all corners of America. Take down bosses, gangs, and SWAT teams in their hundreds in All Guns Blazing. Just be careful because brutal gang bosses will be on your tail as your reputation spreads across the USA, so you had better watch your back in this free action game!

Fix up, look sharp, and dress to kill. Clothe your character in the latest get-up to make him or her look as smooth as possible, with shades, cropped hair and shiny new bling. Looking good doesn't stop at wearing the right clothes, improve your image with the latest accessory: a customized weapon. Craft many unique firearms with unique parts and accessories that are available throughout the different levels of this free-to-play mobile game.

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