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Alien Swarm
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Alien Swarm Description

Surrounded on all sides. The swarm is closing in. There is only one way to make it out alive – blast your way through wave after wave of aliens with some really big guns.


Alien Swarm is a free-to-play download game which throws you right into the middle of an epic hunt to eradicate bug-like aliens. Featuring dark, ominous levels, you must blast your way through each one in order to eliminate the growing alien threat. Remember - only if you stay on your toes and work together will you be able to make it out alive…

The free-to-play shooter Alien Swarm features a unique blend of co-op and squad tactics. You are in a team of four and must work together as the masses of bugs hem you in from all sides. Make sure to give covering fire and watch out for your buddies because if one of you goes down, that doesn’t just mean you’ve lost a friend, you’ve lost another weapon.

As you progress through different levels in Alien Swarm, you will gain experience and unlock new weapons. There are 40 different weapons in total which can be utilized in different combinations with your squad members to create the ultimate death tornado for alien bugs. Blaze a trail of destruction alongside your companions and master the weapons at hand.

Additionally, you can create your own maps in Alien Swarm. With a custom map creator, you can customize your own adventures and dangers or challenge your friends to survive your maze of horror. The only limit is your imagination!

Charge headlong into a dark, dangerous off-world colony in order to eradicate an alien infestation which has taken hold. Utilize an impressive array of weapons and work together with your friends to defeat the alien threat and survive.

by Kyle Hayth

Alien Swarm Screenshots

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