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Alganon Description

Enter a virtual world with a rich history and an unpredictable present, and embark on quests, challenge other players to PvP duels and much more in this fantasy MMORPG.


Alganon is a free-to-play fantasy MMORPG, with a long list of features, including a race and class system, a family system, quests, instances, PvP and PvE combat, a study system, an in-game economy, trade skills system, auction house, guilds, and a market system. The 3D game world exhibits quality graphics with day/night, shadow/light features, enhancing the game experience.

When starting out in the online game Alganon players must choose between two races – the Human Asharr or the Talrok Kujix. The Human Asharr is an imperialistic and dominant race, striving to conquer use force, strategy and diplomacy. The Talrok Kujix are a more primitive and brutal race, using their brute strength and their thirst for destruction to destroy their enemies.

Every race has a further four classes players must choose from which include the Soldier, Magus, Healer, and Ranger. Each of these classes has a particular combat style and preferred weaponry. As your character progresses through the game, they accrue new skills, items and weapons that can be yielded in combat against persistent enemy onslaught.

There are numerous instances in the vast game world, some of which can only be accessed once your player has reached a certain level within the client-based MMORPG Alganon. There are three levels of trade skills in the fantasy role-playing game Alganon, which are untapped as players progress through the game. Players have the chance to learn the skills of blacksmiths, alchemists, leatherworkers, tailors, herbalists, skinners and more. Explore these numerous features for yourself in the fantasy MMORPG Alganon.

by Kyle Hayth

Alganon Screenshots

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