Albion Online: Guide for Beginners

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Guide for Beginners in Albion Online

The first few players have been let loose in the Albion Online fantasy world this week, so we thought it would be a good idea to publish a guide for adventurers just starting out in the game.

When you first jump into the sandbox-MMORPG, it can sometimes be a bit overwhelming with all of the new information. It’s not easy to know exactly what to do from the beginning in a game with as much depth as Albion Online. Here we’re going to lay out some of the basics to help you on your way in Albion Online.

Destiny Board

The Destiny Board in Albion Online

Destiny Board

This is really the only form of guidance that you’ll get throughout the game, and it’s also the place that will help you go in the correct direction towards your preferred style of play. Once you open the board with the “N” key, you can choose the path that you would like to take, and it will then give you a series of quests at the bottom of the screen to lead you along the way through your own story.

World Map & Zone Levels

Check Out the World Map in the MMORPG

You can open the world map by clicking the globe down by the minimap, and from here you can plan routes all over the world in Albion Online. One thing that you do have to take care of is that all of the zones have a different level of difficulty. There are four zones: green, yellow, red, and black. The loot and rewards in these zones change depending on how much of a challenge the zone presents.

GreenNoneTier 1-4 Resources
YellowPvP EnabledTier 3-5 Resources
RedItems Dropped on DeathTier 4-6 Resources
BlackItems Dropped on DeathTier 5-8 Resources

Classless Characters

One thing that new players may not be used to is the classless system that is present in the MMORPG. The way that the system works is that any character can craft and wear any kind of gear. It doesn’t matter if you want to be a mage, a tank, or an archer, all that is needed is a quick change of wardrobe. Once you've collected the right gear for a certain playstyle, just equip it and jump into battle.

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