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Albion Online
What to expect:
  • Battle It Out against other Players in a Medieval World
  • Completely Cross-Platform Compatible
  • Take Your Game Wherever You Go on Your Mobile Device
  • Experience a Great Blend of RPG and Strategy
  • Enjoy Stylized Graphics
  • Browser Games
  • iOS
  • Apps
  • Online Games
  • PvE
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Play Albion Online for Free

Construct and protect your territory in Albion Online. Craft unique weapons and hone your skills as a medieval warrior as you embark on an adventure!


Albion Online is a free-to-play MMORPG where you craft a unique character and travel the world trying to find the rarest, most prized materials with which to forge your equipment. As there are no classes, there are no restrictions on the type of character you can create. Once you are strong enough you can engage in territorial battles against monsters and other players online to protect your village from invasion.

Begin your medieval adventure by assuming the role of either a male or female avatar. Learn more about your character by engaging in the interactive environments that surround you, building upon their skills and attributes to make them ready for battle. Each hero starts out with a very basic set of features, including simple clothing and little in terms of armor. It is your task to develop your character's attributes and skills to craft a unique warrior in Albion Online.

This free-to-play mobile game also allows you to build and furnish your own house which you will call home for the duration of the game. As you earn more loot and gain more resources, you can start developing your own kingdom, your own corner of Albion. Develop industrial, military, and residential buildings to ensure your settlement is functional, safe, and comfortable respectively.

As you embark on quests within this free-to-play title, you come across an army of evil forces that will seek to kill you. Some monsters may require more than one of you to take down, so it is worth starting an alliance with other players online and journey on quests as part of a guild. The Knight of Morgana is a heavily armored scoundrel that requires a solid strategy and skill to kill. Then there's the Harvester, a sinister creature caped in a long black cloak with eyes that reflect the moon. Avoid these monsters unless you think you are strong enough to defeat them.

This is a cross-platform mobile game that is available on iOS, Windows, and Android mobiles and tablets. Albion Online can also be played in the browser of your choice.

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Albion Online Previews

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Albion Online Videos

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    01/19/2015 10:01 am - Just a few more days until backers are allowed into Albion Online's winter alpha, which is one of the very first testing phases to include players. Get ready to explore the browser game and leave some helpful feedback for the developers to work on...more

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Albion Online News

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    01/04/2016 05:21 am - We have been touting Albion Online as an online MMORPG to watch in 2016, but Sandbox Interactive has announced that the game will not be free-to-play on launch, and have given a number of reasons for it....more

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    11/23/2015 08:05 am - One of the first fully cross-platform MMOs, Albion Online, has entered the Closed Beta development phase. Players that have bought founders packs will have access to the game, and enjoy the game on desktop or mobile....more