Akaneiro: Demon Hunters
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Akaneiro: Demon Hunters
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Akaneiro: Demon Hunters Description

The far east meets classic european fairy tales in this Action-RPG. You will be greeted by a bloody mix of red riding hood and monster slaying. Send the demons back where they came from in Akaneiro: Demon Hunters.


The game mixes the fairy tale of little red riding hood with artistic and narrative influences from the far east. Red riding hood isn’t the one being hunted in this game, rather she is doing the hunting. Not only does she have it out for the big bad wolf, but also for a host of demons and other creatures from hell. She is a member of the order of the Akane, a clan of demon hunters with a long history and deep traditions. Members of the clan call themselves Red Hunters and can be recognized by the red hoods they wear. Nonetheless, the creators took some creative license in adapting the well known fairy tale, as red’s grandmother is nowhere to be found in this action-RPG.

Your part in Akaneiro: Demon Hunters is that of a member of the Akane Order. As a highly skilled demon hunter, you have at your disposal a number of deadly weapons, including axes, samurai swords and even bows and arrows. With these weapons and your demon hunter training, you will fight off the Yokai in order to bring 19th century Japan once again achieves a state of spiritual balance. You are called upon to send the demons back to their otherworldly origins, which will require you to adapt to using different weapons and various skills as your campaign progresses, growing stronger throughout the process.

Fairy Tales are a bit of a pet project of Spicy Horse’s lead developer, American McGee. Previous projects of his include the virtual reproduction of Alice in Wonderland and Grimm’s Fairy Tales, he even had plans for a project involving the Wizard of Oz. This time around it’s Little Red Riding Hood’s turn and McGee has stayed true to his style. Akaneiro: Demon Hunters uses Cel-Shading like a number of classic console games to increase elements of fantasy and illusion in the game, much like hand painted art before the era of modern technology.

by Jonathan Smith

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Akaneiro: Demon Hunters Screenshot-0Akaneiro: Demon Hunters Screenshot-1Akaneiro: Demon Hunters Screenshot-2Akaneiro: Demon Hunters Screenshot-3Akaneiro: Demon Hunters Screenshot-4Akaneiro: Demon Hunters Screenshot-5Akaneiro: Demon Hunters Screenshot-6Akaneiro: Demon Hunters Screenshot-7Akaneiro: Demon Hunters Screenshot-8Akaneiro: Demon Hunters Screenshot-9Akaneiro: Demon Hunters Screenshot-10Akaneiro: Demon Hunters Screenshot-11Akaneiro: Demon Hunters Screenshot-12Akaneiro: Demon Hunters Screenshot-13Akaneiro: Demon Hunters Screenshot-14Akaneiro: Demon Hunters Screenshot-15Akaneiro: Demon Hunters Screenshot-16Akaneiro: Demon Hunters Screenshot-17Akaneiro: Demon Hunters Screenshot-18Akaneiro: Demon Hunters Screenshot-19Akaneiro: Demon Hunters Screenshot-20Akaneiro: Demon Hunters Screenshot-21Akaneiro: Demon Hunters Screenshot-22Akaneiro: Demon Hunters Screenshot-23Akaneiro: Demon Hunters Screenshot-24Akaneiro: Demon Hunters Screenshot-25Akaneiro: Demon Hunters Screenshot-26Akaneiro: Demon Hunters Screenshot-27Akaneiro: Demon Hunters Screenshot-28Akaneiro: Demon Hunters Screenshot-29Akaneiro: Demon Hunters Screenshot-30Akaneiro: Demon Hunters Screenshot-31Akaneiro: Demon Hunters Screenshot-32

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