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AirRivals Description

Pick a great spaceship and steer your combat shooter through the atmosphere of another planet. Grim battles are awaiting you. There are thousands of other games and you can fight as one of them...


The download game AirRivals takes you into the 3D universe of the planet Phillon. The online game can be played for free, but requires registering with the provider and downloading the game files beforehand.

When starting, the game connects to the AirRivals game servers. They serve as a link between all the players of the Sci-Fi flight simulation.
In AirRivals you have the choice between different types of spacecraft.

You move through the atmosphere of the planet Phillon, where you always keep an eye on your opponents’ spaceships. You fly and fight in many different missions for your nation. Once you gathered some more experience, you get the chance to lead other players of your nationality as a brigade leader into the battle. This is not only an honor but also an enormous responsibility.

The highest level of the hierarchy is leadership of your nation. To get this far, however, requires great flying skills and the ability to stay on top of things.

The brigade fighting promises a lot 3D action in the well-designed space world. The landscapes through which you fly are nice to look at. For smooth game play it is important that your computer meets at least the minimum system requirements.

In the struggle between two nations, you will be the captain of a small ship in AirRivals. It is in your hands to fulfill your mission gloriously, and thereby climb up the rankings.

by Kyle Hayth

AirRivals Screenshots

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