Airplane Fly Hawaii
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Airplane Fly Hawaii
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Airplane Fly Hawaii Description

Experience a flight simulator like never before on your iOS or Android mobile device and prove to other aviators that you are capaple of flying unique airplanes and helicopters. There's no stopping you once you take to the sky and explore Hawaii...


Only few human beings get to see the world from a different perspective, namely while soaring through the skies in an aircraft. While it’s unfortunate that not all of us have the chance to experience that in real life, game developers have found the solution to introducing airborne adventures to every household. How? By releasing PC titles and mobile apps that put you in the shoes of a true aviator, making it possible for you to get behind the control panel and take to the sky with the help of today’s advanced technology. Simply fire up Airplane Fly Hawaii and explore the beautiful 50th state of the United States of America on your own terms!

From regular passenger planes to helicopters that only seat two: In Airplane Fly Hawaii, 42 different aircrafts are available to choose from. Not every metal bird, as flight enthusiasts like to call aeroplanes, is accessible right from the getgo of course, as players will have to give it their all to unlock them as they keep playing and exploring new heights in the free mobile app. Every mission has an objective including finishing the flight before the timer runs out or safely landing a seaplane on water. Special maneuvers will earn you extra points that will increase your overall score even further, so make sure to pull every secret aviator trick that you know to ace every challenge and move up in the world of Tri One Game’s flight simulator online.

Playing a game like Airplane Fly Hawaii is not just about floating in the air, however. As you know, all planes need to safely take off and eventually land for the flight to be considered a success. Landing is usually the tricky part, especially when you are controlling an aircraft you are not 100% familiar with. Tutorial quests will show you exactly what there is to know about touching down on one of the 15 runways available in the simulation game. Pay close attention and nothing will stop you from dominating the rating...

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