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Airheads Jump
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Airheads Jump Description

Take control of your airhead using the touch screen of your mobile device and tap, tilt, and swipe your way to the top of dozens of levels before the tribal Tiki Warriors catch you. Will you be able to escape the Tiki Titan once and for all?


It seems gamers are becoming addicted to tap-tapping their mobile device's touch screen, making characters jump across the pixels in an effort to get higher and further through a maze of obstacles. Games like Sonic Jump and Doodle Jump make use of unique and innovative ways to turn the jumping action of their avatars into a challenging game of quick thinking and fast reflexes. Airheads Jump is the another addition to this craze of endless runner mobile games, with bouncing characters that hop up the screen trying to outrun their enemies and avoid capture.

From TabTale, the developers of Skyline Skaters, this free-to-play game has you jumping through numerous different obstacles as you traverse the stages and hop higher and higher, with the aim of reaching the end before the Tiki warriors catch you. Having crash landed on a mysterious island, all of the airheads have been captured by these masked creatures and it is your mission to set them free.

Initially, taking the form of a multicolored beach ball, your task is to level up your character by gaining as many coins as possible. These are laden throughout the stages in this mobile game, as are other features that will bring you special rewards, which help you enhance your character and improve their jumping ability. Collect objects like magnets that attract coins or mushrooms that give you special powers. Dash through special combinations of objects to receive bonuses, like faster speed, higher hops, and new skins.

Escape from powerful bosses that seek to capture and deflate the airheads, like the Titan who is a giant Tiki warrior in the form of a tribal mask. He is always on your tail and will constantly hunt you down, so your only hope is to outrun him. Or should that be outjump? Beat the bosses for extra loot.

Airheads Jump free to download and play and available on iOS and Android mobiles and tablets.

Airheads Jump Screenshots

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