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Aida Arenas
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Aida Arenas Description

Explore a vast and fantasy-rich land in this free-to-play online role-playing game. Choose between a variety of unique character classes and show your true colors as a hero...


Aida Arenas is a thrilling MMORPG set in a chromatic and intricate world. You start the fantasy game by selecting your unique hero with which you will explore the lands of Aida Arenas. There are numerous opportunities for you to display your strategic and combative skills as you roam across the plains. The side-scrolling role-playing game is published in 2D and allows players to fight shoulder to shoulder. Enter the darkness of the various underground maze-like dungeons and take on a host of enemy NPCs and monsters. With each in-game victory comes rewards, new items and honor.

In Aida Arenas you can choose either to fight alone, roaming the world and testing your strength as a sole warrior, or you can form a powerful clan with your friends and other players, strengthening your presence and improving your chances of success. When not participating in the epic fighting campaigns in Aida Arenas, players have the chance to accept challenging quests and missions, in order to seek out unique rewards. Scattered and hidden across the land is priceless treasure and items available for collection. The more treasure you collect, the wealthier you will become; opening up a whole world of additional opportunities in the online game Aida Arenas.

The fantasy MMORPG Aida Arenas features anime-style graphics, as well as intricate and bright game environments. Players are able to fight in dark dungeons, explore vast plains, and visit ancient cities. Show your true strength as a hero and save the world from the looming evil.

by Kyle Hayth

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