Aion: Class Skill Overview - What's Changing with Update 4.5?

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With the introduction of Steel Cavalry, all Aion classes get new skills that they can either use to support their allies, boost their attributes or cause more damage to enemy targets than ever before. Keeping track of patch notes isn’t always easy with the amount of information thrown at the free-to-play community, that’s why we decided to give you an overview over what’s changing once Update 4.5 hits the servers. This should help you adjust your characters accordingly and give you all the information you need to prepare yourself for upcoming player-versus-player battles in the fantasy MMORPG. Here we go:

The Gladiator

Gladiator65Mocking BlastDeals damage and generates aggro.
Templar65Grasping WindsDeals physical damage and pulls enemies close whil in flight.
Assassin65Sadistic BladeDeals physical damage and requires flight. Bonus damage if target is stunned.
Assassin63Chain EvasionEvading makes it more likely to successfully evade again.

The Chanter

Chanter65Heaving StrikeDeals physical damage and acts as a chain skill.
Ranger65Dizzying ArrowDeals physical damage and decreases the target's parry, block and evasion rate.
Sorcerer65ConflagrationDeals fire damage and acts as a chain skill.
Sorcerer63Refracting ShardDeals water damage and restores a percentage as mana points.
Cleric65Traumatic BlowShort duration buff to increase both casting speed AND physical damage taken. Careful!

The Songweaver

Songweaver65Song of CelerityShort duration buff to increase your attack speed.
Spiritmaster65Stone ScourDeals earth damage. The longer you charge, the harder it hits.
Spiritmaster63BackdraftDeals fire damage and lifesteals a percentage as hit points.
Gunslinger65Cinder WindsDeals wind damage and slows the target's flight speed. Requires flight.
Gunslinger63Bullet ResistanceA shield buff that absorbs a certain amount of damage.
Source: Official game homepage

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