Aion Preview: See What Is Coming in Aion 4.0

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Over the last few weeks, more and more information has been unveiled about what is in store for players with the impending launch of Aion 4.0. The free-to-play MMORPG already features a large and expansive fantasy world with loads of content, but the update 4.0 will bring even more. We figured it would be a good time to give you, our readers, a taste of what is to come by brining all of those bits and pieces of information together in one, easy-to-read preview.

Ever since launching as a free-to-play title last year, Aion has seen a number of content updates and additions. In fact, one of them was the free-to-play launch itself. However, there have been no real ground-shaking, gameplay-altering updates… until now. Aion 4.0 is breathing new life into the fantasy MMORPG with a number of features and content additions.

New Classes to Play

With the launch of Aion 4.0, players will be able to experience the Aion story with three new classes – the Bard and the Gunslinger… and a yet-to-be-named class. Each one of these classes will offer up new gameplay styles and new adventures as players will have to master the new skills and abilities of each class.

The Gunslinger does just what his name suggests – wields a lot of various guns and grenades to defeat his enemies. Featuring dual-wielding pistols, any enemy is sure to have bad day.
On the other hand, the Bard class uses powerful musical spells to help and assist his or her allies. If these skills are used effectively, the Bard can not only help ensure the survival of his or her team, but can also improve their abilities as well.

Dance Your Heart Out

Another interesting highlight that will be arriving with Aion 4.0 is the introduction of new dance moves. The development team has planned to introduce more lifelike grooves into the free-to-play online game and have used some pretty fancy motion capture techniques to get it all in the game.

The various stages of the motion capture technique.

More Challenges and New Adventures

Along with new moves and new classes, players will be able to reach a raised level cap when Aion 4.0 arrives. The level cap is going to be increased to level 65, meaning that there are also going to be plenty of new skills for players to master. The skills can be divided into three different categories – Survival Reinforcement, RvR Reinforcement and Charged skills.

Surivival Reinforcement skills.

RvR Reinforcement skills

Charged skills

These skills will also come in handy when exploring the future dungeons due to arrive shortly after Aion 4.0. In total, there are going to be five new dungeons – each with a new set of challenges that will force players to work together and master their skills.
Of course, all of this cannot be done without new gear. The developers have also said that there is going to be a load of new gear that arrives with the 4.0 update. What exactly does that mean? That means special crafted items, top-level PvP items, special weapons skins and level 65 abyss items.

Preview of the special crafted gear.

And Much More

Naturally, we can only give you a preview of what has been released by the developers of Aion and what will be included in the coming major update. However, if this laundry list is anything to go by, there will hopefully be much more that will be added before it goes live!
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