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Enter the wonderful world Atreia. Learn how to fly with your new wings and experience exciting adventures you never dreamed of. You'll meet many mysterious and beautiful creatures on your way...


Aion is a new client game which attracts gamers from all over the world with its fascinating features. It is a MMORPG in which one of mankind‘s biggest dreams comes true: flying with wings.

The fantasy world of Aion is called Atreia and there are two factions fighting each other. The Elyos are the people of light and bright beauty. With their angelic wings they rule the bright and thriving part of the world. They are full of themselves and regard the Asmodians with disgust. The Asmodians are a tough and brave race that had to adjust to life in the cold and dark part of Atreia. They are darker, but not less powerful, than the Elyos.

Once you have decided which race you want to belong to, you can pick a class and think about future challenges. In Aion there are four classes on each side: Warriors, Scouts, Mages and Priests. You can develop and specialize your character further in the course of time. It’s important to use your different skills in the right situations in order to be able to defeat single enemies or hostile groups. Sometimes the whole spectrum of your abilities only shows when you combine them with the skills of another player.

Aion is unique because of is graphical design. The virtual world appears incredibly detailed. Flying is not only the main type of movement in the game, but also an important strategic element in battles. To solve quests and explore the world of Atreia, it is absolutely necessary to make use of your wings.
In order to play Aion you need to download a game client-which requires a fee.

by Kyle Hayth

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