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Aion Legions
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Aion Legions Description

Continue your Aion legacy in this mobile app wherever, whenever! Create a character, play through new fantasy quests and show the world of Atreia that you have what it takes to survive daunting tasks. Dragons and other boss monsters need to be slain...


Mobile games have become a vital part of our everyday life. Wherever we look, there are all different kinds of people busy swiping their fingertips across the touchscreen of their mobile device, trying to connect ice crystals in Frozen Free Fall, blow up enemy vehicles in World of Tanks Blitz or defend their base camp in Clash of Clans. So whenever there’s a game that can neither be played via smartphone or tablet nor has a companion app to go with it, things get iffy. How are we supposed to stay up-to-date and communicate with our friends while on the go? NCsoft has just the answer for all inquiring minds: Aion Legions, a mobile app that was first announced at G-Star 2014 in Korea.

Aion Legions is, as one might expect, based on Aion, the free-to-play MMORPG that celebrated its North American and European debut in 2009. The mobile game has everything you would expect from the franchise: a unique character for you to customize, different classes to choose from and distinct abilities to not only unlock, but also train and improve. As a fearless adventurer, it’s up to you to explore the fantasy world of Atreia by entering dark and gloomy dungeons and taking on evil monsters.

Some boss fights might seem a little bit familiar if you have ever played Aion proper before. The battles themselves, however, will be completely different. How? In this mobile app, you need agile fingers and quick reflexes to dodge incoming attacks and trigger skills at the right place, at the right time.

The tactical roleplaying game sends you on a journey through a dangerous online universe. To make sure that you survive every enemy encounter Aion Legions has to offer, it is recommended to join forces with friends or members of your faction. That’s right: This game is also split into two warring factions, namely the Elyos and the Asmodians. Choose a side and take on dozens of quests in the hopes of snatching valuable rewards and snazzy armors to equip your character with.

Aion Legions is available for iOS and Android mobile devices.

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