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Aika Online
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Aika Online Description

The mythological world of Arcan was created by the great goddess Aika. She is calling on you to defend the human race in the ultimate race for survival...


After hundreds of years in repose, the powerful goddess Aika is rousing, along with the evil Zereca race Aika remorsefully created in an attempt to establish law and order in Arcan. The survivors of the human race (known as the Aitan) were safely evacuated to the magical land of the sky, Lakia, where they have lived out their lives in peace – until now. Five nations are now in a waging war for control and power of Arcan – the Alethius, Lenaria, Feonir, Vanov and Ostyrion nations.

In the 3D fantasy MMORPG Aika Online, you have a choice of six character classes - the brave and relentless Warrior, the supporting and powerful Paladin, the agile and brisk Dual Gunner, the stealthy and fatal Rifleman, the magical and intelligent Warlock and finally the healing and spiritual Cleric. You can modify your character’s facial features, hair colour and style.

In Aika Online, use the unique crafting and equipment enhancing system to customise the large selection of powerful weaponry and armour. A dropdown menu assists you with determining which components are required, the individual price of crafting, as well as the required level for crafting.

Choose one of five heart-stopping and brutal domains in Aika Online in which to fight. Fight for pride in the Relic and Altar Wars, fight for glory on the Battlegrounds and Aitan Arena, or fight for power in the Castle Siege. There are mixtures of RvR, PvP and PvE elements in Aika Online, with barrages ranging from small skirmishes to momentous 1000 vs 1000 battles. There are over 1000 dangerous quests for your character to partake in to earn experience points or valuable items.

Aika Online, published by Gala Networks, is an impressive fantasy MMORPG with refined high end graphics, a unique crafting system, a pran pet system and epic combat. Select your nation and defy your opponents in spine-tingling clashes in the mystical world of Arcan.

by Kyle Hayth

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