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A.I. War
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A.I. War Description

Take a trip to the year 2552, where artificial intelligence has outsmarted the human race and threatens its very existence. Fight for humanity in this momentous browser game...


A.I. War is a browser-based game set in a futuristic world on the planet of Midor, where you fight against hordes of droids as you strive to protect humanity from becoming extinct. Collect hundreds of valuable items including the precious mystique items, to help you to beat your mechanical enemies.

You have the opportunity to embark on various thrilling solo and group missions of varying degrees of difficulty in the free-to-play online game A.I. War. With each accomplished mission you will accumulate mission points, which can be used to purchase special equipment to assist you in the epic human vs. machine battles. By completing team and reconnaissance missions you have the opportunity to collect artifacts.

Engage in intense PvP combat by attacking enemy players, participating in mine battles, or by waiting the 11 to 19 days for the all-out A.I. Wars. The A.I. Wars can often have hundreds of players participating.
In the browser game A.I. War you can either start your own clan or alliance, or join an existing one. There are many benefits to joining a clan including networking opportunities, and increased protection. As you improve your skills and game play in A.I. War you have the opportunity to be hired by other players as an elite mercenary. You will be paid for your stoic mercenary duties and you are even able to set your own price.

In A.I. War you can purchase, sell or trade items at the in-game shop, at the mystique shop, at the medical center, at the market or in the drone shop. It is also possible to be employed in the workshop in order to earn extra pay to assist you in building your inventory in the exciting browser game A.I War.

by Kyle Hayth

A.I. War Screenshots

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