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Agent Alice
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Agent Alice Description

As none other than Special Agent Alice, you will visit different crime scenes and search for clues, hidden objects, and signs of supernatural beings. Can you spot everything you need to complete every level?


In a world where supernatural occurrences rule the streets, one Ms. Alice is the only agent fit for the job of solving crimes and taking on tough challenges. Slip into the role of the brilliant investigator and lend a helping hand in dozens of unique cases that will keep you busy for hours and hours. Every crime scene holds new mysteries that are yours to get behind. What happened? Who is responsible for the felony that has left the city in terror? What's the motive? Collect enough evidence to find out and lock the culprits up for good. With the right strategy, a keen eye for detail, and a few hints now and then, you certainly will succeed in Agent Alice, the free mobile game.

Agent Alice falls under the genre of hidden object games. This makes the main goal of the app pretty clear: Visit crime scenes and search for all the items that appear on the list. What sounds easy in theory is actually quite challenging, as each location is littered with random objects that may block your sight or distract you from the task at hand. Keep your eyes open for little hints and clues as to what could have happened to the victim. Only if you take all suspects into consideration and collect all the evidence will you solve the case and move on to the next level in the free-to-play mystery game.

The hidden object game is brought to you by Wooga, a German studio that’s also behind games like Pearl’s Peril and Jelly Splash. Agent Alice is free-to-play and can be played from iPhones, iPads as well as Android mobile phones and tablets. Not all adventures will have you looking for objects however. Solving puzzles before the timer hits zero and picking locks also make the cut in this app, so be prepared for anything! Especially in a game where supernatural entities are wreaking havoc and nothing is what it seems...

Agent Alice Screenshots

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