Age of Wushu Dynasty
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Age of Wushu Dynasty
What to expect:
  • Explore a Stylized World Set in Ancient China
  • Join One of 4 Martial Arts Schools
  • Experience Fast-Paced Combat
  • Play with and against Other Players
  • Delve into the Age of Wushu World on Your Mobile Device
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Experience an ancient martial arts world in Age of Wushu Dynasty!

Delve into the ancient and mythical world of China – this time on your smartphones and tablets! Age of Wushu Dynasty is here!


Age of Wushu has been around for quite a long time already. The MMORPG is available on PC and has delighted its community with lots of content and new expansions over the years. The only downside about the roleplaying game is that you have to be at home in front of your PC to enjoy the martial arts action and the mythical quests. Thanks to the folks over at Snail Games, you can now delve into the world of ancient China wherever and whenever you feel like it. Age of Wushu Dynasty is available for your Android smartphones and tablets and your iPhones and iPads. Prove your martial arts skills and go on an adventurous journey through mythical China in the mobile game.

A Unique Mobile Adaptation

Instead of simply converting the PC game for smartphones and tablets, Snail Games have taken the concept and the idea behind the series and optimized it for mobile devices. After all, it wouldn’t quite make sense to delve into an MMORPG experience while on the go. Age of Wushu Dynasty is a brand new game, developed entirely from scratch. Judging from the lush graphics, it is hard to believe that you are delving into an app. The immersive 3D visuals are only one feature that differentiate the title from any other mobile RPG.

Complex Combat System

Age of Wushu Dynasty features a complex and fast-paced combat system that is both challenging and fun. It is an optimized mobile adaptation of the PC game. Choose between more than four different schools and then show of your skills. Each martial arts school has its very own opportunities allowing you to fully customize your fighter while staying true to your school.

The mobile game features more than just hack’n’slash mechanics. You have to block inimical attacks, time your parry, execute feints, and break through your opponents’ defenses. You will have blades, staffs, daggers, and your bare hands at your disposal.

Immersive PvP World

Age of Wushu Dynasty features a truly immersive world that pulls you into ancient China. There’s endless quests that either advance the main plot or reward you with some extra items and experience. Additionally, the mobile game offers a profound PvP experience and extensive PvP Guild Raids!

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Age of Wushu Dynasty Videos

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