Age of Warriors
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Age of Warriors
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Age of Warriors Description

Embark on an epic 3D adventure with thousands of other players online. Train your troops and fight in real-time battles with archers, wizards, and powerful soldiers in this strategic roleplaying game that's available as a free download.


Age of Warriors is a free-to-play mobile game where you are invited to choose between three races: Humans, Elves, and Werebears. Raise an army of ferocious warriors and explore distant lands, seeking valuable treasure and fighting demonic monsters. Journey around the massive map of Elentra, a mystical place comprising of seven different worlds. With RPG gameplay that is similar to Aura Kingdom and League of Angels, where you must train your army, join a guild and become a clan of invincible warriors!

Each race has unique abilities that you can use in battle, with different weapons and skills that you will have to master in order to take down your foes. There are also different classes to choose from, including mages, rangers, and warriors. Mages can cast destructive spells that will take down any enemy that is vulnerable to magic, whilst warriors are hard to defeat with a large sword and strong shield. Build an army out of these soldiers and train them to become more powerful. Seek treasures that will allow you to craft new weapons for more devastating attacks, whilst learning new skills and abilities along the way.

Age of Warriors: Frozen Elentra invites you to journey through ominous dungeons and get into intense PvP and PvE battles that will test even the strongest of players. Engage in real-time fights to the death as you master the magic, weapons, and skills of your troops. Use powerful potions and spells to regain health and mana. Before combat, you must set your troops' position on the battlefield. Good formation is crucial and you will want to put your most powerful, resilient warriors at the front. You can have up to five heroes at a time you must utilize their abilities in order to take down your enemies, all with a multitude of different weaknesses and strengths.

This free-to-play mobile game is available on iOS tablets and mobiles.

Age of Warriors Screenshots

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