Age of Warring Empire
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Age of Warring Empire
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Age of Warring Empire Description

Dive into a world based on ancient civilizations from Rome, Greece, and Persia. Fight with your favorite historical heroes and engage in fast-paced battles in this free-to-play mobile strategy game.


Build an empire from scratch and develop a fearsome army of soldiers to keep your people safe. This free-to-play mobile game combines real-time strategy with building simulation to bring you a unique gaming experience.

Your initial task in Age of Warring Empire is to ensure that you have the resources to start building what hopes to be a Romanesque metropolis. Construct farms, sawmills, and even an iron mine in order to get valuable materials. Other buildings include city halls, battle arenas, and warehouses, each with a unique function vital to your empire and its inhabitants. Build a market in which you can trade your goods with other players in exchange for copper coins. You must also make sure your cities are well guarded by building walls and defense towers to keep out your enemies.

Once you are happy with your empire, it is time to start thinking about developing your army. Legendary ancient heroes will command your troops in this free-to-play mobile game. Your army can consist of 4 different types of soldier: Infantry, cavalry, archers, and catapults. Each type of soldier has their own characteristics and it is up to you to ensure they are put to good use in order to win battles effectively.

Train your army by building army barracks and train your heroes by building a hero tower. This tower enables your heroes to gain valuable XP points and level-up. Here you will face waves of enemies that you will have to defeat in order to upgrade your heroes' skills and weaponry. You can recruit your favorite historical, folklore, and legendary heroes which come with unique abilities and stunning battle animations.

Play with your friends and interact with their empires, whilst making alliances with other online players to take down your enemies as a team.

Age of Warring Empire is available to download on iOS or Android.

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