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Age of Ocean
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Age of Ocean Description

Set sail and navigate your way across the oceans of the world, buying and selling lucrative trade and launching fierce attacks on other ports by commanding your team of skilled navigators...


Age of Ocean is a browser-based simulation game that takes you back to the Age of Sail in the 16th century. Construct an industrious home port, from which you complete thrilling quests, embark on trade routes and relentlessly attack other ports, using an expansive and impressive fleet.

As you gain experience in Age of Ocean, you can hire your own crew of unique navigators to battle the seas with. Successfully complete quests and rise the ranks from ordinary navigator to elite navigator. Navigators have eight unique abilities, including leadership, sailing, trading, exploration, fighting, robbing, oceangoing and command. Train your crew to be the bravest and strongest there is, and be prepared for the ultimate in treasure hunting.

Choose from one of over 300 ports in 24 countries in Age of Ocean with which to base your crew. These ports are spread all across the world, including Europe, India, and Asia. Build and construct a bustling port, including a bar where you are able to recruit new navigators to your fleet. Refit and build a sprawling fleet from one of over 100 ship types with which to set sail. Join a guild with other players, and increase the might of your sea power.

Embark on numerous rewarding quests in Age of Ocean, and launch attacks on other ports – be it the challenging pirate docks, or the competing player docks. Strike when your opponent least expects it in order to loot gold coins, goods and claim victory. Each attack brings you additional battle experience points, with which you can purchase speed-up construction and technology items, as well as medical remedies and special character cards from the game shop. Trade, buy and sell valuable items in Age of Ocean on one of the 10,000 trade routes, and earn powerful equipment to refit your ship with including cannons.

The 2D browser simulation game, takes you on exciting seafaring adventures, packed with dishonest pirates, stoic navigators and endless treasure hunts. Aaarrr ye ready?

by Kyle Hayth

Age of Ocean Screenshots

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