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Age of Khan
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Age of Khan Description

In this free-to-play MMORTS game you rule over an empire as a mighty Khan. Build an impressive army, conquer enemy territory and strive to build the Wonder to win the game...


Age of Khan is a browser-based real-time strategy game in which you preside over several domains as a powerful Khan ruler. You start the game with just a small village, and a handful of resources and workers. By collecting resources you are able to construct various dwellings and structures for you village including a town centre, a protective wall, a market, bunker, farm, temple, school, stone mason, sawmill, windmill, iron foundry, barracks and more! In the browser game Age of Khan there are five resources that can be collected; stone, iron, gold, wood, grain and horses. Each of them has a different but equally important role in expanding your empire.

There are three powerful factions in Age of Khan which you can choose to represent – the mysterious Scythians, the wise Carthaginians and the diplomatic Byzantines. Choose your faction and begin your ruling as feared and respected Khan. You have the opportunity to found or join guilds, which can directly help you in battle or provide you with the extra manpower required for a victory over your adversaries. In the strategy-based MMOG Age of Khan you can create up to ten different villages, earning a reputation as a formidable ruler.

After you have begun construction, you can also begin to build a large and fearful army. Your army will serve you in protecting your settlement, as well as conquering enemy territory in the MMORTS Age of Khan. There are several different classes of soldiers, each with their own abilities and strengths. Send your army stronghold on dangerous looting missions, or to fully-fledged wars against your opponents.

Go back in time to the vast regions of Asia and re-write the pages of history in the adventurous MMORTS Age of Khan.

by Kyle Hayth

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