Age of Empires World Domination
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Age of Empires World Domination
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Age of Empires World Domination Description

The Age of Empires series has been a crowd pleaser ever since its first installment became available in 1997. Have you always wanted to play the strategy game on your phone while on the go? Then download World Domination for free and start your conquest!


If you were anywhere near a computer in the nineties, there’s a big chance you have at least heard of the Age of Empires franchise. Year after year players were encouraged to play through challenging missions, challenge their friends to a strategy duel of death and discover artifacts hidden all over the map. This mobile game published by Microsoft will send you on yet another journey through faraway lands and give you the chance to continue the battle for freedom, dominion and resources.

Speaking of resources: In Age of Empires World Domination, you will have to keep a close eye on your treasure chambers if you want to take down other players and be victorious. The only thing keeping you safe from raids and sneak attacks is the right defense. The more materials you spend on upgrading your base in this free mobile game, the bigger the chance that you will survive to see another day. Whenever you are ready to launch your own attack, gather your army and send them to battle!

Age of Empires: World Domination features more than 100 unique heroes that will give you a helping hand in taking over the strategy mobile game available for iOS, Android and Windows devices. Each and every commander belongs to a certain civilization. A few examples: King Arthur will be at the forefront of the Celts, Cnut the Great will roar his intimidating battle cry for the Vikings, Joan of Arc will do everything in her power to boost the Franks while Attila will flex his muscles only to support the Huns.

The world is yours to take in this MMORTS... if you have the courage and tactical knowledge to outsmart your opponents and make the right moves at the right time, that is. Giving out commands to your troops is easier than ever - just tap your touchscreen and let them know where to go, what to attack and when to fall back. They rely on your wisdom, fellow strategy gamer...

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