Age of Empires Online: Get Your Empire Points Quick and Easy

07/03/2012 15:16 pm by Kyle Hayth in Tips & TricksDownload GamesStrategy

In the latest version of Age of Empires Online it is possible to unlock the premium content, like the Celts, without having to purchase premium currency with real money. Rather, you can now earn Empire Points which can be used to purchase these goods!

The easiest way to get your hands on some of those fancy Empire Points, if you are a member of an alliance, is to complete certain missions for a particular civilization which will reward you with a hefty amount of Empire Points.


These quests reward EP for players of Greece:
  • Here They Come!
  • Advisor Protection
  • Draw Them Out
  • Reclaiming the Throne
  • Protect Our People
  • Take the Beach!
  • Hector Must Fall
  • Horsing Around
  • Defend Mycenae!


These quests reward EP for players of Egypt:
  • Sandstorm!
  • Chief Relief!
  • The Final Badari-Down!
  • We Three Priests
  • Echo Canyon Slaughter
  • Operation Napata
  • Fall of Nubia
  • Vizier's Doom
  • Defend Egypt!

The Celts

These quests reward EP for players of the Celts:
  • Blowing Forts Away
  • Trial By Fire
  • The Fate of All Traitors
  • Fortress Fury
  • Objective: Oxubii
  • Block Buster
  • The Clash at Thermopylae
  • The Sack of Delphi
  • Defend Massalia!


These quests reward EP for players of Argos:
  • It Burns Us
  • Get Our Houses Back
  • Dock Rats!
  • Retake the Islands
  • Run the Blockade
  • Cataclysm
  • Live Together, Die Together
  • Best Friends Forever
  • I'm Nothing Without You
  • We're Like Peas and Carrots


These quests reward EP for players of Cyprus:
  • Defense of Arsinoe
  • Defeat Salamis
  • Defeat Kition
  • Defeat Chytroi
  • Defeat Idalion
  • Defeat Ledrai
  • Defeat Amathus
  • Defeat Lapithos
  • Defeat Tamassos
  • Defeat Kourion
  • Defeat Soloi
  • Defeat Paphos
  • Defeat Marion
  • The Twelve Kingdoms
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