Age of Empires Online: No Longer Accepting New Players

08/19/2013 08:47 am by Anna Radak in NewsDownload GamesAncient World

Age of Empires Online

Age of Empires Online

Ladies and gentlemen, we have some sad news for you today. With the Xbox PC Marketplace closing, the free-to-play strategy game Age of Empires Online has to suffer a major setback. Players will no longer be able to purchase any content come August 22nd and also lose all the Microsoft Points they have previously bought with real-life money. On the one hand this means that everything already in your possession can be re-downloaded whenever you like. On the other hand, new players will not be able to join the fun after this Thursday.  To confirm this assumption, we took a look at the forums and found this:

Sadly correct, no new players will be able to join the game after the marketplace closes. […] Existing players should be relatively unaffected, with the exception of the ability to purchase Empire Points.

BarbarossaBlade, Microsoft Game Studios

Naturally, this has caused quite a ruckus within the community. Does this mean that the online game is going to be closed? No, but with a reclining player base, things don’t look good for Age of Empires Online. Guess we'll just have to wait and see if the free-to-play title manages to stay alive.

Source: Official forums
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