Age of Conan: Server Merges and Achievements Coming Soon

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Age of Conan: Unchained

Age of Conan: Unchained

Last month, Age of Conan turned five years old. To commemorate the occasion, the brains behind the free-to-play MMORPG held several events and gave all players the opportunity to battle ruthless boss monsters. Now that the celebratory season is over, it is time to realize that it is not all fun and games in the fantasy world. Game director Joel has stepped forward to give you a preview of what’s ahead - and not all of it is good news. Some time this summer, the following server merges will be taking place:
Set and Mitra (US) into Crom (EU)
Tyranny (US) into Fury (EU)
Deathwish (US) into Rage (EU)
While this is an indication of a dwindling community, remaining players can now look forward to having people to play with, rather than roaming through deserted areas and abandoned cities. According to their official statement, Funcom (Bloodline Champions) is also planning to introduce an achievement system to the roleplaying game. Should it really make it into Age of Conan, you will have all the more reason to re-visit old zones and explore content that you might have skipped. The developers encourage you to contact them if you ever have an idea for a potential achievement. Who knows, one of your suggested achievements might be part of the official list.

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