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Age of Armor
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Age of Armor Description

Set in a futuristic world ruled by two mighty races, this client game takes players into an intense battle against the forces of evil that want to demolish the earth once and for all.


After the depletion of almost all natural resources on earth, the world saw several great battles over the remaining supplies. A new age dawned in which armored giants fought steel-adorned humans. Players must enter this world, and fight for the continuation of survival on earth.

There are three races you can join in the client-based game Age of Armor, including Humans, Neo-Humans and Enhanced Humans. Regular Humans are the strong and perfect products of evolution that have a special suit that operates a host of powerful commands. The Enhanced Humans are a result of a military experiment, and are excluded by society. They have a high stamina and are technologically advanced. The Neo-Humans are half-blooded, but maintain the appearance of regular humans.

In addition to the three races in the online game Age of Armor, you must also choose between two alignments – the Global Federation (Earth) or the Arthur Republic (Mars). Your character in Age of Armor can be customized and equipped with a host of different weaponry. Choose your character's gender, hairstyle, clothing, face shape and name.

You participate in exciting PvP combat against a host of enemy players in the client-based game Age of Armor, striving to overthrow them in your mission to reclaim what precious resources remain on earth. Though the website features somewhat confusing use of the English language, the game has several features worth exploring.

by Kyle Hayth

Age of Armor Screenshots

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