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What to expect:
  • Play against other people from all over the world
  • Become the biggest cell on the map
  • Swallow other players in addictive gameplay
  • Team up with others to take down other players
  • Use a smart strategy to become the biggest cell
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  • Online Games
  • PvP
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Play as a Cell in!

Use your imagination in this simple but fun game! focuses on the battle between cells. Put Darwin’s survival of the fittest to the test.


More than 150 years ago, Charles Darwin established the “Survival of the Fittest” theory to explain the force that drives evolution into a specific direction. Now simplify the concept to the world of microorganisms and cells and you end up with the game concept of!

Big Cell Swallows Small Cell

When you first delve into the browser game, you will most likely not understand what the hype is all about. But be patient, as it will not take more than a few minutes before you are completely addicted to the simple gameplay. You are a small colorful circle that moves on a white battlefield featuring a fine grid – think of your regular paper block that you would use to do your math homework. Sprinkled across the map, you find small, colorful dots. These are your first source of food in Eat as many as you can by moving your cell over them. You will automatically incorporate them into your body. This holds true for the entire game. Anything that is smaller than you can be swallowed by your cell by moving over it. Unfortunately, that also means that you can be easily swallowed by other bigger cells.

To Eat or Be Eaten

Think of as the simplest and most straightforward survival MMO imaginable. Each game features various cells that are all controlled by individual players. Each player’s goal is to become the largest cell. As you move around, you try to incorporate as many of the colorful sprinkles and smaller players to grow. At the same time, you have to be aware of bigger cells that can quickly become dangerous. There are two moves that you can perform in to improve your chances at winning. Pressing “W” allows you to eject some mass and the space bar allows you to split. When you split part of your cell dashes forward swallowing any smaller circle in its path. Use these moves to constantly grow bigger.

Viruses and Other Dangers forces you to be on your feet at all times. Green circles with a spikey membrane are scattered across the map. When big cells swallow these viruses, they will divide into various smaller versions making them hunted prey by other players. Screenshots Screenshot-8 Tests Tips & Tricks

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