Adventure Time Puzzle Quest
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Adventure Time Puzzle Quest
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Play Adventure Time Puzzle Quest for Free on Your Phone!

Recruit your favorite Adventure Time characters and solve fun puzzles in Adventure Time Puzzle Quest.


Do you know what time it is? Adventure Time! Start with an epic adventure with Finn and Jake to rescue the Ice King’s drum set and gather other quests along the way. Travel through the magical cartoon kingdom in this free-to-play Android and iOS release from the same developers that brought you Marvel Puzzle Quest.

Your mobile gaming experience just got crazier with Adventure Time Puzzle Quest. The game features all of the characters from the show, either as companions, enemies, or quest givers. You puzzle your way through this wacky cartoon world that we all know and love and gather items and rewards which you can spend on exciting and crazy items in the game.

Match-3 Game Meets Cartoon Network

For those who have never played a match-3 game before, the concept is really simple, and you’ll be having fun in no time at all. You need to switch the tiles around at the bottom of the screen to form a line of three identical tiles. This will deal damage to the enemies, and depending on which tiles are matched, all kinds of different things can happen due to the bonuses available. The combat is done in an RPG like format, with the enemies inching closer and closer to our heroes as the battle goes on. You need to use skill to keep them at bay while you match the tiles together.

Puzzle Game with an Adventure Time Twist!

All of the comedy and silliness of the iconic television series shines through in Adventure Time Puzzle Quest. The characters all attack in their own silly ways, taken directly from the show. Finn uses his spaghetti-like arms to flail at the opponent and slap him, while Jake has various attacks where he morphs into different household objects to clobber the enemies. The entire game is just a mess of silliness, puzzles, and that special brand of Adventure Time fun that everybody knows.

If you are an Adventure Time fan, or a fan of other match-3 style games like Bejeweled Blitz, then grab your iOS or Android device, and download this free-to-play mobile game now!

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