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Aderan Wars
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Aderan Wars Description

You have been promoted and charged with the progress and safety of your nation. Spread your beliefs across the stars and colonize planets in the name of your empire...


Aderan Wars is a free-to-play browser strategy game where you attempt to bring the entire galaxy under your control. Colonize planets, build fleets and raise armies to help accomplish your goal of complete galactic rule.

There are four races to choose from when starting Aderan Wars. The Daning, Miraya, Hualu and Kyora all have different beliefs and thereby different advantages. Each race has specific bonuses during the game that can include better weapons research, defensive bonus or even improved espionage.

Aderan Wars has a complex building and construction system that makes you utilize all of your strategic abilities. With many different options of structures to build and upgrade, you can customize your entire strategy and tailor it to your needs.

You can research new technologies to improve the quality of troops and equipment that you can be supplied with in Aderan Wars. You will need to do so in order to have a better chance when facing off against other players. Almost everything is upgradeable in Aderan Wars from weapons technologies to improving your structures.

Aderan Wars allows you to create or join an alliance of other players. By joining an alliance, you will be a part of an organized group of players that can join together in force and take on bigger targets. You may have a better chance of surviving if you are in an alliance as you will have friends that can help you out in times of need…

Through belief and power you need to spread your empire across the galaxy and defend it from those who do not share your outlook. Aderan Wars challenges you to use your strategy and tact to prove yourself against thousands of others and become the most famous general of all time.

by Kyle Hayth

Aderan Wars Screenshots

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