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ActionLeague Description

This is your chance to become a successful basketball, football or hockey player! Fight for victory in the middle of your team. A fast and action packed game is awaiting you...


If you are tired of typing in boring stats and if you just want to play, the browser game ActionLeague is just right for you. Here you can play basketball, football or hockey games, and even make it from the Bronze League all the way up to the Gold League.

At the beginning of Action League, it is recommended that you create your own profile. Under "My AL" you can set up a profile for all three sports. Other players will be able to see who they are dealing with. Also you can find friends more easily if you have a completed profile.

The menu item "team" in ActionLeague will show you all the information about your team. There you will see your players' jerseys and logos. Both are set automatically, but you can always change the jerseys and logos as you like.

Go to "league field", select one of the three sports, and start your first game by challenging another team. To help you understand the scoring system in ActionLeague, there is a brief explanation. Each player starts with 1200 points and wins or loses points during each game depending on how it has gone. How many points you lose or win depends on the strength of your opponent. To lose against a strong opponent for example, will not cost you as many points as if you play against a weak opponent.

Your current rankings are displayed under "current season" in Action League. You should check there frequently to see if you are falling behind or climbing ahead in the ranks. ActionLeague gives you the chance to be a player yourself. The controller works with the keyboard or a gamepad. It is a little complicated but can be learned quickly. The sophisticated league system along with the huge amount of players promises plenty of fun.

by Kyle Hayth

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