Ace Online: New Episode Brings New Monsters, Armors and More

11/07/2011 04:17 am in News

The latest episode to come to Ace Online, Episode 3.5, has just been released and contains a lot of new content for you to enjoy. A highlight of the release is the introduction of the Infinity Field 3 instance – take on new monsters alongside your friends!
Ace Online

Ace Online

As a pilot, the vast expanses of space can sometimes become dull and lifeless. However, with the introduction of Infinity Field 3 to Ace Online, things are going to get a little more interesting. This new instance can be completed once daily and will challenge you to take on new monsters in numerous stages of combat in order to receive your great new rewards.

Those strong enough to finish the Infinity Field 3 instance in Ace online will get their chance at getting some great armor as a reward. These new armor are inspired by the four new bosses and could really help you in the fight against ever-stronger monsters.

Of course, there are also new monsters for you to face off against as the Shrine army is gearing up to attack the mothership Osiris and only you can defend it. The Shrine army is even bringing their new ship "Shade". Additionally, there are four others which are charged with fending you off – Caim, Andras, Berith and Eligor.

Source: Game homepage
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