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Ace Online
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Ace Online Description

Climb into the cockpit of your Gear and take to the skies in this free-to-play, 3D space shooter. Claim the futuristic world and enjoy full control of your own powerful fighter craft...


Ace Online is a free-to-play, client-based MMORPG which features 3D graphics and a futuristic world where the skies are the battlefield. You will be able to pilot and customize your very own fighter craft, known as a Gear and fight for the glory of your faction.

As a beginner pilot in Ace Online, you must align yourself with either the Arlington National Influence or the Bygeniou City United. The A.N.I. believe that through faith they will be able to achieve their goals, even though violence is against their beliefs. On the other hand, the Bygeniou believe in force through unity and wish to bring all the factions under one and they will do this by any means necessary.

There are various types of Gears that you can pilot in Ace Online. The Brandy Burg is made for a fighter/bomber role, capable of air-to-air as well as tactical bombing. The Anima Mortar is made specifically for air-to-ground combat. The Idle Sniper is incredibly fast and can perform an intercept role or rapid response. The last type, Meadow Bugle, was made to be a support role fighter. Each pilot will have different preferences on how they wish to contribute to the battle and the faction, choose the one best suited to you!

Ace Online features a large number of maps in which the battles can take place. As your journey from map to map, you will experience different scenery and terrain that will challenge even the most veteran of pilots. Learn them well and you can use these features to your advantage in intense dogfights.

The more fights you win in Ace Online, the better your ranking will become. You have the opportunity to top the charts and become known as the best pilot in the world. Just remember, there are many others just waiting to take your spot so fly fast and shoot straight to survive.

by Kyle Hayth

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