Ace Fishing: Wild Catch
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Ace Fishing: Wild Catch
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Ace Fishing: Wild Catch Description

This mobile game provides a fun, free-to-play fishing experience that you can play on the go. See who out of your friends can land the largest fish as you explore new and exciting fishing locations around the world!


Ace Fishing: Wild Catch is an intense fishing game that will have you on the edge of your seat as you try to land the mightiest and most ferocious of sea creatures. Whether you're perched on the back of a speeding boat, or taking it easy floating along a secluded river, this fishing game will test your knowledge of the popular sport while introducing you to new and exciting scenery and interesting wildelife.

Points can be scored by catching and reeling in the larger animals. The rarer fish will also bring in extra points depending on the location. There are over 200 types of fish that can be caught, where each fishing location will have array or unique fish to catch. Sword fish, lion fish, catfish, and even sharks can be caught in this free-to-play mobile game. See these mighty creatures struggle to escape your grip as you use the touchscreen of your mobile devices to formulate a fishing strategy and reel it in!

If you are a keen fisherman, or are familiar with games like Let's Fish or FishAO, you will know that distance, size, speed, and weight are all factors that you should consider about a fish before trying to land it. You will be given real time statistics that you must learn to use in order to plan just how to bring it in. See the fish leap out of the sea as they they get closer and closer to your boat. Tire the fish out and once it makes that last leap for freedom, use the controls to catch it succesfully. Needless to say, the heavier the specimen the harder it will be. And be warned: Some fish bite!

Place your trophy catches in an aquarium so that you can show it off to your other friends online, like a medal cabinet, only a living one! Compete against others for the largest fish, winning rewards and prizes, not to mention in-game currency, which you can spend on new equipment.

Ace Fishing: Wild Catch is free to download and play and available for iOS and Android mobiles and tablets.

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