Absolute Force Online
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Absolute Force Online
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Absolute Force Online Description

Put on your panda suit, grab a woodcutting axe and a minigun and prepare to dominate your enemies. Insane customization and intense combat are the name of the game in this multiplayer online first person shooter


Absolute Force Online is a shooter that offers almost endless customization options for your character. From the get-go you can tweak everything from the style and color of your hair to the location and type of various tattoos, Even after indulging in the character creation engine that is something straight out of a single player RPG, you can further customize your avatar with a number of purchaseable and subsequently wearable costumes and accessories, for example the aforementioned panda suit, with or without the head.

Even in the heat of battle you have the freedom to choose between a first and third person perspective on some of the maps and can play one of seven different game modes. Arsenal mode rewards you with new weapons for each kill you rack up, making you stronger and stronger the longer you stay alive. Don’t get too cocky though, because in some versions of Arsenal mode you are also given a handicap the more kills you acquire. Vehicle mode adds the possibility of piloting helicopters and the like to rain down death from above, while also introducing various weapon crates that contain heavier weapons better suited to taking down the vehicles than your standard fare of assault rifles and shotguns.

In zombie mode you must join forces with your fellow man to survive a zombie assault. Even though you will be working as a team, the primary objective is that at least one player is left standing at the end, so you may be forced to take one for the team on occasion to ensure victory. In this mode, as you might expect, anyone tagged by a zombie will turn into one themselves. What makes this mode even more difficult is that you and other players are the ones queuing up and controlling the zombies, so it isn’t just an endless stream of AI drones marching towards you, but rather a much more strategically adaptive and adroit horde.

Absolute Force Online is an FPS with a unique set of features and gameplay modes, making the playing experience much more individual from player to player or even just from session to session.

by Jonathan Smith

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