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9Dragons Description

Join a clan and participate in epic battles against your enemies using the ancient practice of Kung-Fu. Train, fight and achieve honour in this authentic martial arts client game...


9Dragons takes you on an adventure to an ancient world, where you are called upon to train and fight in unique styles of martial arts. Adopt one of four different roles in six clans, or simply wander the vast land as a lone vagabond – the choice is yours. Experience the world of Ancient China, alongside friends, enemies, teachers, masters, disciples as well as fierce and fiery dragons.

There is a distinct character customisation feature in 9Dragons. Choose the name, gender, face shape, hair colour, hair style and clothing for your character. Upon starting the game you are bestowed with ten Chi points which you must distribute across your player's attributes. Decide whether you want to add more points to your character's strength and dexterity or to their essence and wisdom. Choose wisely when determining the skills of your fighter, as it will also determine your fighter's fate. You are able to generate up to three fully customised characters in the martial arts MMORPG, 9Dragons.

Select a branch of Kung-Fu in 9Dragons that appeals to your fighting style and become a wise master. As your martial arts skills improve you are able to challenge your enemies and other masters to blood-tingling PvP duels or all-in epic clan battles. In 9Dragons you can look to your very own master for training and guidance throughout the game, or potentially become a master to a young enthusiastic disciple. Embark on quests to gain experience and obtain exciting rewards. Be prepared to fight your way through the plains of Ancient China and unleash the dragon in you.

by Kyle Hayth

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