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90-minutes Description

This online soccer manager game puts you in charge of your very own soccer team, which you must regularly train, boldly inspire and encouragingly lead to victory...


In the management browser game 90-minutes not only are you in charge of training your own soccer team, but you also hold a host of other responsibilities. These include management of your team’s finances, negotiation for sponsorship, construction of your stadium, and player recruitment. You compete online against thousands of other players from varying countries, giving you a chance to display your natural coaching and sports management skills.

As a coach in the soccer browser game 90-minutes it is not only important to develop the skills of your team, but also to develop your personal skills. The four key areas needed in order to produce successful results by a coach include technical training, tactical training, player handling and fitness. There are also ten varying value levels with which your coach can move through in order to become recognized and celebrated in the 90-minutes soccer world.

You begin the game as an ungifted coach, with victories and success then moving through the Advanced, Pro, and Expert stages, and striving to become a World-class coach. Coaches must participate in seminars in order to maintain and improve their skills and status.

You must also manage all of the financial aspects of your team, including player income, managing various expenses and obtaining external sponsorship. In the browser-based game 90-minutes you must set up regular training sessions for your team to ensure maximum player performance, and challenge other teams to online soccer matches. Enter the exciting world of soccer coaching and management in the sports web game 90-minutes.

by Kyle Hayth

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