9 Innings: 2014 Pro Baseball
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9 Innings: 2014 Pro Baseball
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9 Innings: 2014 Pro Baseball Description

Get a taste of fame and glory in this baseball mobile game! Select a team of real-life players and challenge friends and family members in leagues and tournaments as you unlock new characters and climb the official ranking. Bring it home, gamers!


Not many of us have the chance to actually become a baseball trainer for professional athletes in real life. That’s where mobile games like this one come in! In 9 Innings, you get to put together your very own team of catchers, batters, and pitchers and take on other players in competitive matches online. These are not your everyday players though: You will soon notice that all characters are famous baseball players that really exist. Unlock new cards by playing through missions, participating in tournaments and scoring points in 9 Innings: 2014 Pro Baseball. Don’t worry if you haven't completed your collection yet, as other players will be more than happy to trade with you via the exchange market.

Play 9 Innings: 2014 Pro Baseball on your iOS or Android smartphone or tablet and use touchscreen controls to make your move. There’s a certain strategy to succeed in baseball. In this free app, you are asked to come up with your own plan when going up against other players. Chances are opposing trainers will always have a trick hiding up their jersey sleeves, so be prepared for every potential play! While this free sports game naturally caters to fans that know their way around a baseball field, newbie players too will have a fun time diving into the mobile app with the help of a thorough tutorial. Want to know more about what stats are good for each position? Find out by downloading the baseball game!

9 Innings: 2014 Pro Baseball has a game mode for every rank. From quick matches to leagues that will carry on for an entire season: You are in charge of your team and how well they perform on a global scale. Com2uS (Homerun Battle 2) invites players to get in touch with each other - not only to exchange points and new cards, but also to duel and take each other on in different challenges. Daily login rewards will encourage you to regularly check the app to snatch valuable prizes!

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