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9 Empires
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9 Empires Description

Venture into an intricate fantasy world where your mission is to establish and rule over a powerful empire, train an elite army of soldiers and collect valuable resources to craft advanced equipment..


9 Empires is a free-to-play browser game. A mix of strategy and role playing, 9 Empires takes you into an imaginative world, where nine races compete against each other for ultimate control and power. Join one of the nine unique playable races, explore the vast land, and cultivate your own mighty empire. Start with a small settlement and expand it into a thriving empire. Test your building and strategic skills as you construct the various structures of your town.

Unlike other browser games, 9 Empires gives you the choice of several unique hero characters to play with. Each of the gallant heroes has varying strengths, weaknesses and characteristics that you can use to your advantage. Through the distinguished character development system, your hero has the opportunity to level up as the empire expands and becomes more powerful.

Not only will you be focusing on the expansion of your empire through building in 9 Empires, but also through the fury of war. Participate in interactive real-time tactical battles in both PvP and PvE settings. Test your militaristic and tactical skills as you wage epic large-scale battles against enemy players or engage in heated PvP close-combat. As the stoic ruler of your empire, you must train, grow and command a large army of soldier units with which to bring down your opponents with. Each of the nine races has 14 various special unit types that you are able to recruit and train.

Using the unique crafting system in 9 Empires, prepare yourself for battle with advanced weaponry and equipment, as you fight for control of the world. Generate powerful resources and use the skills and equipment of your heroes to lead your empire to victory. Form an alliance with other players and increase the might of your force. The nine empires of the world are seeking their next hero – will you rise to the challenge?

by Kyle Hayth

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