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4Story Description

Don't believe in what you see but explore this magical world on your own. In this fantasy role-playing game you can freely choose which faction you want to support: Valorian or Derion...


Do not believe in what you see at first glance, but explore Iberia in order to unravel secrets and uncover the truth of its history. It’s up to you to put an end to a seemingly never-ending war - and perhaps you’ll become the greatest hero of the world of Gates of Andaron.

Gates of Andaron is a client game in which there are two different nations, Derion and Valorian. Both people have their own opinions about who should dominate Iberia and what the truth about the history really looks like. You choose one side first. Then you have the task of finding out the truth about Iberia.

The current war does not have to go on forever. It depends on which sovereignty is yours. Because, depending on your people, you can only enter certain areas and collect only certain objects. To protect your people and maintain their dignity, you step in the war and proceed against the enemy with your sword. Be sure to come up with good strategies because the people with the best tactics will emerge victorious in Gates of Andaron.

Gates of Andaron is exciting and imaginative. As a player you can help your people, fight in wars, and you have to remain alert at all times. At the end of Gates of Andaron, your story is completely written. The truth about supremacy in Iberia will be revealed.

by Kyle Hayth

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