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22 Moon at War
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22 Moon at War Description

Climb aboard your carrier; load your weapons and travel far into the future as you attempt to save the planet from extinction in this exciting space-themed strategic MMO...


The year is 2148. The Earth's natural resources have been almost completely exhausted and the governing bodies have taken to the universe to look for alternative sustainable energy resources to ensure the continuation of survival on planet Earth. Through advanced interstellar travel, discoveries have been made of a highly powerful energy source – 22er Ore – which is found on the moons of the Giese 581 planetary system.

At 22 Moon at War it is your mission to run a mining enterprise (Claim) with which to source, transport and sell the precious 22er Ore, whilst at constant risk of being under attack from competing enemies – it is a simple matter of life or death. Build a powerful army to defend against and attack your greedy enemies. At 22 Moon at War there are seven efficient combat units to choose from, each with their own benefits. You call the shots for your Claim.

Choose one of the eight economic zones of the earth at 22 Moon at War to sell your ore. The reigning council of each zone is comprised of the ten most successful players of that zone, who decide how much tax will be imposed on the sale of ore before each trading day. Each economic zone has a syndicate which offers assistance to its members, with additional troops, cargo as well as cash.

The free web game 22 Moon at War can be played in full screen mode, and has an intuitive click and drag function, and excellent graphics allowing players to fully interact with the game. 22 Moon at War requires tactical and strategic skills to ensure you continue to discover new 22er Ore and help to save the planet.

Strengthen your battalion, prepare your carriers and join the race to mine 22er Ore and save the earth in this thrilling science-fiction browser game.

by Kyle Hayth

22 Moon at War Screenshots

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