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2029 Description

Helen Continent is embroiled in war between alien cultures as each refuses to back down and let another take control. The fight for justice and peace has begun in this sci-fi epic...


In this world of brutality the only way to survive is to develop your skills and fight for faith. As you progress through 2029, you will have many options available to you with a wide range of skills and high level feral raids to prove you are worthy of a heroic reputation.

In 2029 you, the player, decide how you want your character to develop. Not only can you customize your avatar and appearance, but your skill set is also chosen by you. Quests and missions can be completed in many different ways, yet another way to shape how the world around you views you.

Only by conquering enemies and traveling to the dark, evil places on Helen Continent can you find more equipment and loot. 2029 has a rich environment in which to play in and offers players different combat experiences and surprises around every corner.

The mercenary system in 2029 adds yet another unique dimension to the game by letting you hire soldiers of fortune to fight for your cause. This could come in handy when you are facing overwhelming numbers of opponents and have no allies by your side.

In 2029, strategy is a huge factor. You will have to make the right decisions to make it through this world alive. Although, sometimes blazing a trail of destruction is just as fun.

It is up to you to shape your destiny in 2029. You be the hero or the villain, the choice is yours.

by Kyle Hayth

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