11x11 Online Football Manager
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11x11 Online Football Manager
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11x11 Online Football Manager Description

Manage your own soccer club and quickly fight your way to the top of the league. Compete against thousands of other players and try to win as many matches as possible. Instead of running across the field, you will manage, strategize, and lead...


In the free browser game 11x11 Online Football Manager, nothing is left to chance. It is up to you to reach the best position possible for your team. It is essential that you choose the optimal lineup for your team. Who are you going to rely on to win the match? But first thing's first! Before your players can compete in official matches, they need a nice jersey with a distinct color scheme. Your team itself is automatically created when you register an account for the sports game. It includes 18 players. After organizing your soccer jerseys, you are ready to actually delve into the strategic world of 11x11 Online Football Manager.

In order to unlock more features, you have to have completed at least three games. You can compete in friendly matches first or jump into real tournaments right away - it's up to you. Beware however, that your team might not be ready for the intense stress of an actual tournament. It might be smart to take it slow in the beginning.

Tournaments in 11x11 Online Football Manager often take place during the day. Either four or eight teams will compete against each other. Before the game begins, you need to choose your tactics and your lineup and send it to the tournament administration. The rest happens automatically. The only exceptions are championship games which you will learn more about later in the game.

In the browser based soccer game, the ball is not the only thing that matters! As a manager, you also have to think about the financial aspects of soccer. Make smart use of the money that you earn in tournaments. Newcomers receive a small start-up from sponsors. You will not be directly told where to earn more money, but you will get tips via email.

If you think that you are well-organized and if it has always been your biggest dream to manage a soccer club, then 11x11 Online Football Manager gives you exactly what you have been waiting for.

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