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1100AD Description

Propagate a powerful army and construct your very own settlement – through strategic trade and ferocious warfare with neighbouring cities strive to become the most powerful empire of all time...


1100AD is a war-themed online strategy game set in the middle ages. As a proprietor of a piece of unoccupied land, it is your mission to construct an efficient settlement of farms, houses, a marketplace, workshop, temple and of course an almighty fortress with which to protect your civilisation. Use the workshop to create valuable goods to trade with, and increase the wealth of your settlement.

You must strive to make the best political, economical and combative decisions to ensure the future survival of your settlement in 1100AD. Do you strategically trade with other colonies, or do you forcefully attack their cities and loot their valuables? Conquer enemy territory and staunchly defend your own in thrilling fast-paced real time battles. Use all the force of your army – the infantry, cavalry, mercenary soldiers, siege weapons and carts – and rewrite history as you take to the action-packed real time battlefield.

Construct a gallant hero who will lead your troops into battle against enemy units. The more your hero claims victory over enemies, the more experience points they will gain, as well as the opportunity to climb a level. Experience points can then be used to learn new skills and therefore gain greater advantage over enemies.

The web game 1100AD, published by Amber Games, is a blend of economics, politics and warfare and tests your tactical and strategic ability. 1100AD can be played anywhere without a client, so it is easy to manage your kingdom and continue to conquer the land.

Expand your kingdom into a thriving powerful empire as you improve your skill, expand your army and amass wealth and power through trade in 1100AD.

by Kyle Hayth

1100AD Screenshots

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